In-Person Interpreting Services

In-Person Interpreting

In person interpreting, otherwise known as face-to-face or on-site interpreting, is when a spoken language interpreter is scheduled to meet a client at any given location for an assignment. In person interpreter services facilitate communication between two parties who speak different languages.  Court systems, attorneys, healthcare systems, government agencies, social services agencies and various legal communities across the nation rely on professional in person interpreters to communicate with non-English speaking communities. Interpreter services bridge the gap between culture and language to enable organizations to serve those in need properly.

Document Translation

We quickly and accurately provide general, certified, and notarized document translations based on your needs, which can vary depending on the requesting institution and the nature of the document. For instance, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) usually require notarized certificates. We advise checking with whomever is requesting the documents to ensure that it meets specific verification requirements. Whatever you require, what you will get from us is a professionally translated document performed by highly qualified translators. We have regular and expedited delivery options available.

Document Translation by Global TI

On-Demand Interpreting

Global TI offers both Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) for your last-minute needs. Both Phone and Video can be connected in as little as 30-seconds when you need an interpreter right away! Our interpreters are experts in active listening and relaying messages from your client accurately and efficiently using critical listening and mental note taking – essential aspects of consecutive interpretation. For legal, healthcare, or social services settings, we provide spoken language and ASL (Sign Language) services at your convenience.

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